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Benefits of NCCA membership


The National Contract Cleaners Association was formed by responsible companies in 1987, desirous of creating professionalism in the Industry.


The degree of success of an organisation such as the NCCA depends to a large extent upon member participation and input into its affairs.

Membership affords you the opportunity of sharing experiences and knowledge with your fellow contractor and supplier members.

Industry Voice

No Industry can afford to be without its own authoritative National Body, as a fragmented industry is of little or no consequence to Government, Industry stakeholders, or the end-user. Each and every member therefore has a "voice" in organised Industry.

Outsourcing of cleaning services

The outsourcing of cleaning services nowadays is common practice, evidenced by the fact that many end-users require tenderers for the supply of these services to be registered with the Association. This in itself illustrates that clients have confidence that our members are professionally qualified and competent to carry out the work required.

Labour Relations

The NCCA is recognised as the Industry’s only Employer organisation. As a member you are afforded the opportunity of having a "say" in this extremely important issue. Members are regularly informed on matters such as wage rates and employment conditions.

A labour telephone "hot line" is operated (currently only in the Gauteng Region) for members who can obtain free advice on such issues as:

  • Day to day labour situations.
  • Advice on contractual agreements with employees.
  • Disciplinary issues.
  • Operational requirements.
  • Trade Union advice.
  • Minimum wages and benefits in terms of the Sectoral Determination.

Contractual matters

By its very nature the contractual cleaning process is a risk business, however, it is inevitable that members can occasionally find themselves in a dispute situation even after all reasonable steps have been taken to resolve the matter.

The NCCA will not become involved in a complaint unless both parties have formally put their case forward and the grievance is fully outlined in writing. Following this, the matter will be investigated and evaluated resulting in an independent and impartial being offered.

The Association freely provides advice in terms of general contractual matters. One call, one solution to a potentially costly problem, could more than offset your annual fees.

Code of Ethics and Standards

The heart of the Association’s very existence revolves around the ongoing development and maintenance of "standards" relevant to the Industry, which is of prime importance to both the Association and its members.

The NCCA requires all its members to unconditionally subscribe to a Code of Ethics relating to its standards

Standard documentation is made available to members eg. Articles of Agreement between contracting parties, Conditions of Employment for cleaners, Estimating check list, Fundamentals of Estimating and Tendering, Window Cleaning Safety Standards etc.

Standing committees meet to address all projects relating to standards.

Skills Development

The Association is represented on the "Services" Sector Education and Training Authority (SETA), as well as the Cleaning Industry Chamber of the SETA. In addition informative educational workshops/seminars are held on an ongoing basis for the purpose of improving member’s business knowledge.

The Association was instrumental in developing the cleaning unit standards and associated skills programmes for Levels 1, 2, 3, and 4, as published on the National Qualifications Framework.


The Association provides a communication forum, both formal and informal, for establishing co-operation between competitive member companies on matters of common interest, including the expression of views on industry matters.

The Association’s newsletter is sent to members on a regular basis containing informative information.

Branch meetings for members are held normally on a bi-monthly basis.

Social Activities

Certain Branches holds an annual golf day.

Public Relations

The NCCA is the only source for raising the level of professionalism and status of the contract cleaning industry. As such, the Association adopts a pro-active marketing approach in promoting its interests with regard to:

  • Consumer awareness of the benefits of contracting to an NCCA member for cleaning services.
  • Promoting the image of the "bona fide" contract cleaning professional.
  • Endorsing the only trade journal for the cleaning industry namely "African Cleaning Review" , which is distributed to a wide spectrum of interested stakeholders. All members also receive a free copy of this publication.
  • Advertising on its own web site, address: www.ncca.co.za. The particulars of all members are also shown on this site.
  • The Association is a Proudly South African member.