Audit Compliance

A primary aim of the National Contract Cleaners' Association is to project the professionalism, integrity and credibility of its members through the adherence to a code of ethics and all legislative requirements applicable to the Industry.

Within the Association’s Code of Ethics are two principles that require this primary aim to be brought into effect. They are to:

  • promote the Industry through professionalism at all levels
  • comply with the statutes and the Association's constitution and to be open to audit in order to ensure compliance.

Given the competitive nature of the industry, Contract Cleaning companies looking for an advantage should welcome the opportunity to be audited and, being found ‘compliant’, use this status as part of their marketing activities.

The audit is

  • impartial and unbiased
  • only against statutory requirements
  • confidential
  • not overly time consuming ~ one meeting of two hours or less
  • taking place in the Gauteng region and only once found compliant will members receive a membership certificate

The cost of an audit is funded by the National Contract Cleaners' Association however subsequent audits are for members own account

A request for an audit is made through the association’s administrator. Companies will be allocated an independent auditor who will engage directly with the cleaning company to arrange the date and time of the audit.

The checklist used by the auditor showing evidence required for compliance is available from the association’s administrator or the NCCA's website.

Companies who commit to being audited will be required to ensure documentation relevant to each statutory requirement is available at the time of the audit.

A member company that is unable to produce evidence of compliance at the time of the audit, or who does not fully meet some criteria, may at the discretion of the auditor be given a period of 2 weeks to remediate the shortcoming. Any additional evidence must be available in an electronic format as the auditor will visit the member company only once per audit.

Certificates of compliance for a national company will include their branches if administration is centralised. Franchised operations will be audited separately.

Audit results will be ratified at a monthly meeting of the Compliance Audit Committee. This committee will consist of the independent auditors, representatives from the NCCA's regional executive and NBC, the Contract Cleaners’ National Provident Fund administrators. Findings are confidential, and only summarised or non-company specific information useful to all members of the NCCA will be published.

Audit results are final, and no member company may appeal directly to the auditor. Should a member company feel the audit was conducted unfairly, or disagrees with any of the findings; an appeal may be made in writing to the Compliance Audit Committee.

A member company that is found to be non compliant may request a second audit when errors and/or omissions have been corrected or introduced. This audit may only be conducted two months or more after the first audit, and shall be for the member company’s account.

There is no provision for non-members of the NCCA to participate in Compliance Audits.