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Why the NCCA?

It makes sense to outsource your cleaning to a member of the NCCA

In this modern, image conscious world, appearances are all-important. Bright, clean and hygienic premises are conducive to attracting business and an incentive for improved staff performance.

The cost of keeping a building looking fresh as if new is without doubt an investment. But for those organisations that employ their own in-house cleaning staff, the expense can often prove to be prohibitive, not only in terms of wages and staff benefits, but also with regard to cleaning materials and equipment.

There are also the hidden aspects which are often overlooked such as staff problems, staff recruitment, personnel costs and the time needed to oversee and administer the cleaning process.

It has been proven internationally that most businesses are keen to get on with their core activities and for this very reason more and more organisations after having carried out cost comparisons have shifted to contracting with professional contract cleaners.

mop-whynccaBy going the above route, not only are actual and hidden costs proving to be a reality, but also consistently higher productivity is achieved through the professional knowledge and experience that accredited contractors bring to the cleaning process.

Contractors who are members of the National Contract Cleaners Association, (NCCA) understand how to recruit, train and supervise skilled cleaning operatives. Moreover it is for them to provide the materials, equipment and technical expertise necessary to carry out the work to the client's satisfaction.

Member organisations of the NCCA know their business extremely well and to win and retain contracts they have to be able to provide a value-for-money service in a highly competitive market place.

Because they generally have several commercial cleaning contracts they are able to invest in the most efficient staff and equipment and also have the advantage of buying materials in bulk.

Members also are highly committed to skills training in terms of the National Qualifications Framework, and by belonging to the Association they are kept up to date on all matters affecting the Industry on an ongoing basis.

Members of the Association also have to abide with a strict code of ethics and are required to comply with all statutory requirements relating to labour legislation, taxes, levies, insurance requirements, OHS Act etc - and in doing so protect clients against third party liability.

In summary the advantages of outsourcing your cleaning needs include:

  • A ready supply of trained cleaners working in your building.
  • Sufficient staff to programme, monitor and improve your cleaning needs.
  • Guaranteed quality service.
  • Sufficient capital to invest in tools equipment and consumables.
  • Release from the problems associated with staff, payroll, equipment, maintenance, and labour matters.
  • A fixed cost per month.