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Welcome to the NCCA

The Association was constituted as a National Association in 1987 and is dedicated to developing and setting appropriate standards for the contract cleaning industry.

Its mission is to provide leadership to the industry by striving to create a professional environment through facilitating and co-ordinating industry activities, by providing quality services, maintaining a national platform and influencing the environment to achieve the desired benefits for its members and the community as a whole.


  • Provide a unified voice for cleaning contractors, cleaning suppliers, and organisations who provide allied services to the industry.
  • Strengthen the competitiveness and profitability of its members by providing professional and management expertise. Set and maintain industry standards.
  • Develop guidelines and frameworks for skills development within the industry working within structures Service Sector Education and Training Authority (SSETA);
  • Impress on clients professionalism, integrity and credibilty of its members by adherence to code of ethics and all legislative requirements applicable to the industry.